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Shower Waterproofing Systems Expertly Installed

The Yeg Flooring Outlet has provided bathroom waterproofing system installation for homes throughout Edmonton, AB, and the surrounding communities since 1957. As the area’s locally-owned and operated flooring company, you can always count on our team to provide you high-quality products and installation services. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your bathroom, a shower waterproofing system will help reduce water damage in your bathroom. At The Yeg Flooring Outlet, our installation team is certified and experienced in installing waterproofing systems by übertile®. übertile® is the leader in shower waterproofing systems that offer unmatched quality and protection. Contact our team today to get started with an installation.

Shower Waterproofing Systems

Why üBertile® Is the Leader in Shower Waterproofing Systems

übertile® is one of the industry’s most trusted shower waterproofing systems available on the market. It is specifically engineered and manufactured using over 60 years of job site experience to ensure the best protection for your shower. übertile® systems include pre-sloped pans, wall panels, and accessories to fit any sized shower. The installation process is simple and requires no special tools or equipment to complete. At The Yeg Flooring Outlet, our team is licensed and certified to install the übertile® waterproofing system, so you can feel confident your system will be installed appropriately.

Why Do I Need to Waterproof My Shower?

Water and moisture can be highly destructive. Unfortunately, your bathroom is filled with it. A proper moisture barrier for your shower will ensure your home is protected. There are many benefits to installing a moisture barrier for your shower. Installing an übertile® waterproofing system will help.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold is a dangerous fungus that can cause allergy-like symptoms in members of your household, including coughing, sneezing, and water eyes. In some situations, it can cause more acute issues.

Prevents Tile Damage

The walls and floors around your shower are particularly vulnerable to water damage. Water can seep beneath tiles causing them to crack, warp, and lift, leading to hundreds of dollars worth of repairs.

Contact Our Waterproofing Specialists Today

Since 1957, homeowners throughout Edmonton, AB, and the surrounding communities have trusted the team at The Yeg Flooring Outlet for all their shower waterproofing system installation. We use übertile® for all of our projects because it provides superior protection against moisture.  Contact our team today to schedule your installation service.

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